Wednesday, 1 November 2017


I personally loveee Angel Trumpet.
They are super easy to plant, no need maintenance at all!
Best part, you can shape them as you can make them tall, as tall as reaching to the rooftop 

or you can shape them  & become small, shady plant.  

Now the bloom is the BONUS!

or you will lucky enough to get dwicolor!

these are a collections from our lovely buyers..enjoy!

Our customers mostly located at lowland, this Angel Trumpet can survive easily in hot area.

Owh, no need to be so negative talking about poisonous plant my dear.  We are handling this plant for 8 years now and none of us died or being hallucinate in the process!!
Most importantly our customers are extremely happy with this plant and we are always short of supply.  
Yes, we makes sure the plants are matured and produced flowers first, then only we propagate them.

If you keen with this awesome plants, please contact us directly!

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